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4 Ways to Amplify Your Online Presence When Selling Your House in Summerville

4 Ways to Amplify Your Online Presence When Selling Your House in Summerville

Long gone are the days when all you had to do to sell a house was put a sign in the front yard and an ad in the local paper. In today’s tough real estate market, online marketing and advertising are absolutely essential. Still, you have to do more than put your listing on a couple of venues and mention on your Facebook page that your house is for sale. But we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 ways to amplify your online presence when selling your house in Summerville.

1. List on All the Major Real Estate Sites

Your first digital marketing step for selling your house in Summerville should be to list it on all the major real estate sites. And that means doing much more than just listing on the few biggies like Trulia and Zillow.

“Also consider listing your property on more locally-oriented sites. Either you or your real estate agent may post the listing, though an agent may be able to get you onto listings from real estate companies that’ll do extra marketing for you. Some of these sites may charge a fee to list, but the investment may be worth it for the sheer exposure to potential buyers. 

“Your agent will also be able to direct you to sites that allow you to list for free, so be sure to ask about the services that a listing site will offer before signing up to ensure that you and your agent are on the same page as to what you want from the service.”

Contact a Summerville agent at (843) 696-1487 to discover more about listing on these sites.

2. Leverage Social Media

Used correctly, social media can be a powerful marketing tool with wide reach and high impact for selling your hose in Summerville.

Certainly, you’ll want to share your listing on your personal Facebook page and other social media channels, but your agent can also get the word out on her real estate page. In addition, those laser-targeted Facebook ads can help you target the right market and sell your house more quickly. Just be aware that this tactic takes some experience so that you don’t wind up spending a bunch of money with little to no results. Your Summerville agent can provide some guidance here.

Here’s what the pros say about selling your house in Summerville using these ads: “If you have a few extra dollars to spend, consider paid marketing initiatives as well. For as little as $5 a day, you can promote posts on Facebook to specific audiences to drive views to buyers in your market. You can monitor the status of your paid campaigns to track success metrics like the number of impressions, post views, and even click-throughs to your property website.”

3. Build a Website

A great way to amplify your online presence when selling your house in Summerville is by building a dedicated website.“A well-designed website is like your home’s online curb appeal and this first impression counts. A dedicated website includes a domain name(web address) specifically designed for your property and usually includes the property’s physical address. This address should point to a web page built as an online advertisement for your . . .property.”

“Building a real estate website,” industry experts say. “is one of the best ways to market your home for sale.” It gives you something to share with your target market beyond the MLS listing and listings on various other sites. It also gives you a place to share even more quality photos and virtual tours, as well as allowing a more in-depth description of your house.

Just keep in mind that an effective website will require some keyword research and site-building skill. So you may want to partner with your agent on this.

4. Work With Your Summerville Agent

As you’ve probably noticed, a key theme running through all these suggestions for amplifying your online presence when selling your house in Summerville is the expertise your Summerville agent can provide for effective online marketing. And this is especially true for email marketing.

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools. But you need a list of subscribers and their email addresses. Your agent will likely have such a list for your target market and so can tap into the potential of this powerful marketing tool.

Your agent will also have her own real estate website and several social media channels to leverage. When you couple these with your own efforts, you’ll have even more digital marketing reach. Yes, you can amplify your online presence on your own. But why give up the wider reach and competitive edge your agent can provide?

In today’s real estate environment, where the majority of buyers do their house hunting online, having an effective and broad online presence is essential. And one key ingredient is working with a local, tech-savvy agent. If, then, selling your house in Summerville in the best way possible is your goal, contact us today at (843) 696-1487.

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