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5 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Home in Summerville

5 Signs You've Found the Perfect Home in Summerville

While it does involve a good dose of excitement, finding the perfect home is usually a long, time-consuming, and often anxiety-filled process. Occasionally, a fortunate buyer finds her dream home after viewing only a handful of potential homes, but that’s pretty rare. The trick lies in knowing when you’ve found the right home because it’s easy to be misled and make the wrong choice, which you may continue to regret for many years. So let us help you out with these 5 signs you’ve found the perfect home in Summerville.

1. You Get the Flutters and Tend to Forgive Flaws

The first of our signs you’ve found the perfect home in Summerville is almost purely subjective, but it’s important nonetheless. It really does matter how you feel about a particular home because you’ll likely live in it for several many years.

Just as with falling in love, when you step into the perfect house, you’ll have an immediate emotional response – you’ll get the flutters. Here’s how one home buyer puts it: “Remember when you first fell in love? Every time you saw your beloved, your stomach fluttered. It’s the same with a house. If I get the flutters when I’m in a house, I know it’s right for me.”

Similarly, if a home is right for you, you’ll tend to overlook and forgive flaws. For example, if the home ticks all your other boxes, you’ll likely be willing to look past the fact that the kitchen is a bit smaller than you’d like. 

But do be careful here: you don’t want to forgive any major flaws that will cost you down the road. This is where you should lean on the expertise of your Summerville agent. To discover more about how an agent can assist you, just call (843) 696-1487.

2. It Fits Your Budget

Now we come to the more objective criteria for determining the perfect home in Summerville. And chief among these is whether or not it fits your budget.

“If,” according to industry pros, “you find a house you really like and it’s within your budget, that’s another reassuring sign you have found the right home. . . . Sometimes with looking for a house, people can get caught up in the rush and excitement that they forget about additional costs such as hydro, home insurance, property tax, closing costs, renovations and maintenance. Buying a home is a valuable investment that requires financial planning and considerable saving. When house hunting, choose a realistic budget that works best for your lifestyle and shop within your means.”

3. The Location Is Right

Location, as you’ve no doubt heard, is one of the prime considerations in buying a home. So your perfect home in Summerville will meet this crucial criterion.

As one top agent explained, “When searching for your ideal home, the location is going to be your most crucial factor . . . I’ve had home buyers find their absolute dreamhouse – but as I try to explain it’s not the right location, they scoff. Until they see it’s by a railroad, a rundown part of town or, worse, a (garbage) dump.”

One reason location is so important is your home is an investment, and you want it to increase in value over time. And location is the primary factor that determines whether a home will appreciate. Even a great home in a not-so-great location may not increase in value and may even lose value.

Further, your home’s location will also play a part in your happiness. “A good location can give you more than just a higher likelihood that the home’s value will increase; it can mean a tolerable commute, an easily accessible downtown area with restaurants and shopping, access to good schools and more. Or it can mean the exact opposite if you’re looking for a home in a more secluded area, far away from the hustle and bustle of town. Finding the right location for your needs will likely make you much happier in the long run.”

4. It’s in Good Shape, Everything Works, and There Will Be No Future Problems

The perfect home in Summerville will also be in good shape, have all its systems in good working order, and doesn’t present the likelihood of future problems. So you’ll want to keep an eye out for . . . 

  • Signs of costly repairs – “Take a look at anything that would be costly if it needed to be repaired or replaced. Examine the roof and check for any signs of damage or disrepair. Make sure the windows open easily and are in good condition. Find out what state the heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC) system is in.”
  • Plumbing problems – Be sure to “[l]ook under sinks and behind toilets for signs of water damage or leaks. Be on the lookout for telltale discoloration of ceilings and walls as well. Check the basement for a mildew smell.”
  • Location issues – Will the location and surrounding area present any problems in the future? For example, “[i]s the pond behind the house prone to flooding? Is it a safe area? How far away would you be from the nearest hospital?”

Again, your Summerville agent can help you here with her trained eye and by carefully going over the inspection report with you.

5. Your Agent Agrees It’s the Perfect Home in Summerville

Finally, as we’ve intimated throughout, a very good sign you’ve found the perfect home in Summerville is when your Summerville agent agrees that this is the case. After you explain your needs and wants, your experienced local agent can guide you toward the perfect home and steer you away from the ones you may regret buying. Your agent’s expertise and knowledge of the local market can be of inestimable value. So if you want to make sure you find the perfect home in Summerville, be sure to contact us today at (843) 696-1487.

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