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5 Ways to Make Your Summerville Mobile Home Stand Out When It’s Time to Sell

While mobile homes have some difficulty matching the potential wow factor of your traditional single-family home, there’s nothing stopping an owner from putting the best face on their mobile home to make its sale a success. Let’s get your home on the market and attract motivated buyers in no time with these 5 ways to make your Summerville mobile home stand out when it’s time to sell.

Understand Your Boundaries

A quick note before we get into the overhauls: it’s extremely important that you look up who owns the rights to what when it comes to your mobile home and the land on which it resides. 

If you’re leasing your lot, there could be stipulations regarding what you can and cannot do with the land itself. If you have any questions, ask your landlord, consult a lawyer, and/or just play it safe.

Go Beyond Basic Cleaning

It should come as no surprise that cleaning your home is a clear first step, but getting into every little corner is key to making your mobile home stand out. 

This extends to the exterior of your home, where a pressure washer can be used to make the siding and gutters shine. Using the same tool on any walkways, patios, and porches will put everything in the best shape for local buyers to come and see what your home has to offer.

Organize the Exterior

Once every little bit is cleaned up and looking spectacular, you’ll need to turn your attention specifically to the exterior of your home. 

Keep in mind that a mobile home typically won’t provide the same square footage as a single-family home, so making sure to highlight the utility and scenery of the land surrounding the mobile home is of utmost importance. 

Keep the lawn mowed, plants trimmed back, and flowerbeds filled with fresh mulch to allow your home to create an impactful, pleasant first impression.

Maximize Available Living Space

While dressing up the exterior can work wonders, mobile homes are known for their compact size, which often works against them once they hit the market. 

The goal here is to make everything seem larger than before by placing furniture to allow the best traffic flow through the home while not removing so much that it starts to feel empty and overly staged. If your living space is truly cramped, finding some temporary storage outside of your home may be a necessity, and it’s likely to pay for itself. 

Decluttering each room to keep extra possessions out of sight and out of mind helps the buyer focus on how they would make use of the available space in the home.

Small Updates With Big Results

Sometimes the little things can be what makes the difference. 

Replacing outdated cabinet hardware in your kitchen or bathroom or switching out an older light fixture for something new with energy-efficient LED lighting will give rooms a much-needed refresh. Even something as simple as replacing old incandescent light bulbs with CFL bulbs can make a considerable difference.

More Substantial Projects

It’s common for sellers to fall into the trap of making large renovations with the hopes of recouping the costs at closing, but that’s unlikely to happen. 

However, living in a smaller home might mean adding a fire pit or swing to a patio area to help tie things together. You can also install a carport or update it with new, stronger materials to give it a more modern look. 

The important thing here is to practice restraint and not let yourself go crazy with grand plans.

Professional Guidance to Make Your Mobile Home Stand Out in Summerville

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